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The top sales teams use GoDataPedia to locate accurate B2B contact and company details, shorten their sales discovery and close more deals.

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Increase your sales

Here’s why over 600,000 sales pros love GoDataPedia

Complies with the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Complies with the CCPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act is a state statute intended to enhance privacy rights and consumer protection for residents of California, United States.

The highest accuracy rate

GoDataPedia’s accuracy is the highest in the industry - with 98% accurate phone numbers for direct call / direct marketing

Reach 500M+ prospects directly

During COVID-19 the phone is the best way to reach your prospects

Get specific contacts

We give you specific contacts for your direct call

Make data your superpower

Why GoDataPedia

Cover the world’s biggest industries
Beauty industry, Health & Insurance industry, Crypto industry, Forex industry, E-Commerce industry, Financial Services industry, Gaming & Entertainment Industry, Food Industry, Automobile Industry, Telecomunication industry.

We're fast

Apply for our leads database in minutes, so you can immediately have prospect data to grow your business.

We're flexible

You can purchase leads from minimum of 10.000 leads only.

We're secure

For your security, GoDataPedia uses data encrypted password and “key” to open the file.

Manage your sales

Shorten your sales cycle in minutes

2 billion leads database

Instantly add your prospect list with GoDataPedia.

Direct Marketing Power

Build your business with accurate prospect lists. Reach out to targeted prospects using direct dials.

Data you can trust

Every GoDataPedia leads record is legal and the data collection is from Public. Work in total alignment with all laws and regulations.

Our Categories

GDP Categories


One click to Crypto Database


One click to Forex Database


One click to Health Database

Online Dating App

One click to Dating App Database

Movie Lovers

One click to Movie Lover Database

Seller Marketplace

One click to Online Seller Marketplace Database


One click to NFT Database


One click to Beauty Database


One click to Insurance Database

Adult Industry

One click to Adult Database


One click to Media Database


One click to Blockchain Database


One click to Automative Database

Buyer Marketplace

One click to Buyer Marketplace Database

Premium Database

One click to Premium Database



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We’ve gotten top marks on G2!

I couldn’t honestly imagine working without GoDataPedia. Game changer.

Eric Lindroos

Recruiter, Gong

Before GDP Extension, Thayer’s biggest problem was reaching his contacts via phone. Now, Thayer is able to quickly source his prospect’s contact details

Thayer Selleck

Account Manager

Ever since COVID-19, Antoine found it increasingly difficult to reach prospects, for both inbound and outbound lead generation and qualification.

Antoine Garcia

Digital Account Manager

Alexandre and his team found it difficult to source leads for clients, who, after signing contracts, expect lead generation services within days.

Alexandre Koskas

Operations Manager

Before GDP, it was difficult to reach out to decision makers and C-level executives, who are tasked with uniform ordering and procurement. Outreach was long, cumbersome and oftentimes impossible.